Switch ON BT



A shell script to start the Bluetooth in Nokia Internet Tablets

switchOnBT 1.0.4

swithOnBT 1.0.4 shell script alone and uses only dbus-send Fixed issue - does not work if ~/.switchonbt file is not present

switchOnBT 1.0.3

swithOnBT 1.0.3 shell script alone and uses only dbus-send
Download switchOnBT-1.0.3.armel.deb
No longer needs to 'sudo' to run the command
User can specify the mode in which to start the bluetooth - connectable, discoverable and can specify a time out for discoverable mode

Thanks Les for your suggestion!

NOTE: Not tested in device! send me a message if it works for you @ vabgeo+garageREMOVEAT@gmail.com

Here is a sample .switchonbt file you can copy to your home directory
#This is a configuration file for SwitchOnBT
#You can specify the mode in which bluetooth should be switched on.
# there are two choices
#1. connectable
#2. discoverable
#  For discoverable mode you can specify a time out, which is the time that the
# BT has to be set as discoverable before switching off discoverable mode and 
# into connectable mode
#Specify '0' (Zero) to indefinitely kept in discoverable mode
# leave blank if it is not to be set`



switchOnBT 1.0.2

swithOnBT 1.0.2 for toggling On and Off Bluetooth.
Download switchOnBT-1.0.2.armel.deb

switchOnBT 1.0.1 for OS2008 chinook

switchOnBT-1.0.1.deb available
switchOnBT-1.0.1-chinook-src.zip uploaded to SwitchOnBT Maemo Garage Page
Deb Available
I have converted the program and wrote it in C and compiled it in N800 OS2008.

Get the source zip here Garage Page

Steps for manuall install

Install previous version switchOnBT-1.0.0.all.deb
Unzip the zip file into the tablet
Open a terminal and become root and change directory to the folder
Copy switchOnBt.sh and switchOnBT to /usr/bin/

Type the following command to make it executable
chmod a+x /usr/bin/switchOnBT

Add the following line to the end of /etc/sudoers
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/switchOnBT

switchOnBT 1.0.0

A simple script to start bluetooth.
It will add a line to /etc/sudoers
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/hciconfig hci0 up'

Get It here! switchOnBT Garage Project